How It Got Started

The Story

What is it that fuels you? For me, it’s the law, and the accessibility of law to a broader community of people who are more indicative of our present society.

Law, in its purest form and intentions, serves people. Whether you intend on being a 'BigLaw' corporate lawyer downtown, or a lawyer at a boutique startup, in all forms, law is a client-based service. 

Law: The Low-Down was created in the spirit of the socioeconomic theory of "equity before equality"- Treating everyone "equally" assumes everyone has the same access to the same resources and support. Equity in socioeconomic terms, means fairness and providing access to the same opportunities. Only by ensuring equity, can we enjoy equality. 

Law: The Low-Down is gaining more and more traction each day. As well as being a recent 2020 'Clawbie' Awards Nominee, it is a project focused on guiding future, current, and recent law students through the intangibles of becoming a lawyer.

 Take a look around, and perhaps you’ll discover what fuels you as well.