Introduction: Welcome to Law: The Low-Down!

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

I see you've stumbled your way onto my law blog!

To give you a little summary as to what you can expect from this blog and from me as an educator, I'll give you a little summary of what this blog is meant to be, and who I am.

I'm a twenty-something J.D. graduate here in Canada here to teach you the things they don't teach you in law school. Come for the winning personality, stay for the smoother transition into law.

I decided to create this blog in light of COVID-19. Many jobs are/have completely folded, there is a forty percent hiring freeze on the legal industry within Canada. I've seen full-on job postings for lawyers refer to how articling students are not required at a certain firm, despite the posting being for a recent call (just to circumnavigate enquiries).

It can all seem a bit dire.

That's why I decided to create a resource for both law students, recent graduates, and recent calls, to make their transition into law just that little bit smoother in the middle of complete figurative and literal pandemonium.

Think of me as your cool(?) older sister who's been through the ringer in terms of law school life, the late nights, and the cold calls. I've done the application process, the mooting, the graduation, and am now currently on my way to being called to the bar in British Columbia.

I want to reach back and help other students who may be in a similar situation as I was starting out. A first-generation, intersectional lawyer who may not have all the connections (or a clue what they're doing past the next step on the path), but who's willing to put in the work and educate themselves on what their future might bring. As I'm sure you're aware, education is power.

Over the next couple of months, I hope to share with everyone a guide, both literally and figuratively, through your first years in the law industry. Think 'Popular Mechanics for Kids,' by for people who want to enter the law industry.

Some of the subjects I hope to cover over the next little while include:

  • How to find your niche area of law both a law student and a law graduate.

  • How to become involved in the legal community as a law student and a recent law graduate (in the middle of a pandemic!)

  • 'So you want to go to law school' (My two cents)

  • Working as a solicitor versus litigator: Which is the best fit for you?

  • Getting started in networking

  • Picking a law school

  • Becoming a published academic in law

And many more.

Along the way, I hope to make this blog a fun, non-frightening, approachable way to explore the practice of law. Too many times law students and graduates are afraid of asking questions for fear of appearing 'stupid' or 'ill-educated.' This is the place to be dumb (trust me!), explore those intangible things that will make your law journey just that little bit smoother, and maybe even have some fun with it a long the way.

Because if you're not enjoying law or the grind of law school, what are you doing in law anyway? (I told you I'd give you my two cents!)

All the best, and feel free to sign up to my email list for future articles, exclusive content, and a LinkedIn connection with me! (Also, use your LinkedIn!)

Till next time,

Lauren (Your 'fairy lawmother')

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