A Guide to Notetaking for Law Exams

A Guide to Notetaking for Law Exams

Good notes are more than the sum of their parts.


While we tend to think about understanding content as the most important part of succeeding on a law exam, it is your approach to exams and your organization of notes, that allows you to get there.  If passing your law exams with flying colours is important to you, then this is the guide for you!


Looking for strategies to approach essay organization? That’s here. Struggling to find ways to organize hypotheticals?  That’s here.  Looking for concrete, practical ways to make exam day easier?  It’s all here!


Order now and you will have a 20+ page PDF in your inbox within the next hour.  It will cost you less than the price of a latte and a serving of avocado toast—and a wiser investment!  What are you waiting for?